Conference Presentation

To, V., Fraser, S., Cuskelly, M., Carrington, V., Nguyen, T., Shahrill, M., Fernandez-Dalon, I., Dhanarattigannon, J., Aung, M., Souliyavong, S., Artini, L., Marentek, A., Huat, C., Brooke, M., Sam, C. (2021). Southeast Asian Academics’ experience of online teaching during COVID-19. Paper presented at Amps Conference: Online Education: Teaching in a Time of Change, 21-23 April, USA.

Online education: An emergent response or a necessity?

Intelligent interfaces and feedback mechanisms for online education

Linking mobile phone technology to student learning, engagement and assessment

The importance of tending to relationships

COVID-19 the catalyst for paradigm shift in economics and learning

An online learning strategy to scale up dementia education nationally and globally

Students’ opinions on the effectiveness and challenges of online language learning in the COVID-19 pandemic era

Monitoring students’ online learning experience under COVID-19 – A Singapore university’s findings

Using Digital Technologies and Innovative Platforms for Online Teaching During the COVID-19 Pandemic as The New Norm

Online assessment on affective and psychomotor domains

Pedagogical approach with an intent: Focusing on interaction, time and pace during COVID-19: Lessons learned.

Oral interactive assessment involving persons with disability

Effective teaching practices in supporting students in and beyond class time in an online academic literacy module

Effective teaching practices in supporting students in and beyond class time in an online academic literacy module

Addressing teachers’ remote teaching needs during the COVID-19 pandemic: Key lessons learned

Don’t reinvent the wheel: Mimicking face-to-face instruction in an online environment

Online learning in Cambodian higher education amid the COVID-19 pandemic: Challenges and opportunities.

Optimizing artificial intelligence powered applications to enhance students engagement in EFL writing classroom

The emergence of COVID-19, Thailand, world and their adaptational challenges: The burden for different generations

The college students’ struggles in far-flung areas to learn in distance learning mode due to COVID-19 outbreak: An interpretive phenomenological analysis

The challenge of teaching at Luangprabang Teacher Training College during the COVID-19

Managing asynchronous online classes: Embedding question and answer videos in pre-recorded lectures for better student participation and interaction

Teaching via Telegram

Micro teaching from home during pandemic

Teaching online during COVID-19

Digitally extended as an educator: Reflecting on reaching learners

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